Governor Greitens Signs Two Bills Authored By State Senator Dan Hegeman

Tuesday Governor Eric Greitens signed two measures sponsored by State Senator Dan Hegeman of Cosby, during the 2017 regular legislative session. Both measures, Senate Bill 111 and Senate Bill 283, will take effect August 28th.

Senate Bill 111 requires a candidate for the office of public administrator to provide to the election authority a copy of a signed affidavit from one surety company that indicates he or she meets bonding requirements.  After being elected to office, a public administrator must then enter into bond to the state in a sum of no less than $10,000 with one or more securities, rather than two or more securities.

SB 283 deals with special road districts, which are political subdivisions established by residents at the local level for the purpose of maintaining the public roads under its jurisdiction. Typically, these roads are located in unincorporated areas.

“Senate Bill 111 and Senate Bill 283 will allow political subdivisions throughout the state to operate more efficiently and effectively,” said Hegeman. “I was happy to sponsor these important measures on behalf of the communities I represent, and I want to thank the governor for signing them into law.”

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