Ex-Iowa GOP Caucus Staffer Testifies In Harassment Trial

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A former Iowa Senate Republican Caucus aide has testified in her sexual harassment lawsuit that sex, race and sexual orientation were regular topics of conversations and jokes in the office.

39-year-old Kirsten Anderson testified in her lawsuit Tuesday. Much of her testimony focused on the behavior of a male senior analyst whom she said in 2010 seemed angry and daily referred to women using an obscenity.

The trial opened Monday in Polk County District Court. Anderson contends she was fired in 2013 as caucus communications director because she complained that she had been subjected to sexual harassment by male aides and lawmakers for years.

Republican officials deny she was harassed and say she was fired because of poor job performance. But Anderson’s attorneys say she was fired just seven hours after turning in a memo detailing her treatment at the Statehouse.

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