State Senator Proposes Year Round Session For Missouri Legislature

State Senator Jason Holsman (D-Kansas City) intends to file a Senate Joint Resolution to give Missouri voters an opportunity to replace the current part-time legislature with a full-time, year round governing body. This legislation is in response to Gov. Greitens’ multiple unextraordinary session calls and media statements indicating additional calls throughout the year.

Under current law, the regular session of the General Assembly lasts from the first Wednesday after the first Monday in January until May 30. Under Sen. Holsman’s proposed constitutional amendment, if approved by the voters, the regular session would last from the first Wednesday after the first Monday in January until December 20, with periodic breaks throughout the year.

“The Governor’s inability to work with the supermajority of his fellow Republicans to get things done on time has thrown our state into an unpredictable environment in which the Governor can waste taxpayer dollars on a whim just to pass more laws and regulations for a never ending campaign,” said Sen. Holsman.

“Gov. Greitens turned in his budget late, he appointed his cabinet late, and now he’s deciding to pass legislation late. Clearly, this is a Governor who prefers to campaign on Facebook rather than supporting the Constitution of the state of Missouri.”

Monday, June 12th, the Missouri General Assembly began the second unextraordinary session called by the Governor since adjourning its regular session less than a month ago. Despite the Missouri Constitution only allowing extraordinary sessions to be called for extraordinary reasons, the Governor made his most recent decision based on his opposition to a judicial decision and passage of a local ordinance in the City of St. Louis.

“Judges issue decisions all the time and local governments pass ordinances every day,” Sen. Holsman added. “The only thing extraordinary about our current situation is the Governor’s learning curve due to a lack of governing experience.”

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