Pickup Country KNIM Country Showdown Prelims Tomorrow!

The Pickup Country KNIM Country Showdown prelims is tomorrow night at 7:00 on the east side of the downtown square in Maryville.  12 contestants are competing for an opportunity to advance to the Country Showdown Finals at the Nodaway County Fair on July 14th.

Saturday’s contestants for the Pickup Country KNIM Country Showdown Saturday are:

Shelby Bever, Guilford

John Cerrone, Maryville

Tammy Dredge Hickman, St Joseph

Jeana Jago, Clarinda

McKenna Liles, Maryville

Tina McReynolds, Belton

Tricia McKenney, Bedford

Maria Morris, Maryville

Codi Nuckolls, Maryville

Nicole Salmond & Scott Holme, Maryville

Christian Scholl, Sioux Falls, SD

Destonee Wenger, Maryville

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