Fraud Charge Dismissed Against Ex-Administrative Law Judge

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A judge has dismissed a criminal charge against a former Iowa judge, concluding that she was subjected to retaliatory and vindictive treatment by the state but dismissing the case because the prosecutor waited too long to file the charge.

Former Administrative Law Judge Susan Ackerman was arrested for insurance fraud in November for allegedly incorrectly filling out an insurance form in 2013. She claims she was fired and charged with fraud in retaliation for complaining of a hostile work environment at Iowa Workforce Development.

Judge Robert Hanson on Tuesday dismissed the charge, concluding Ackerman “was subjected to retaliatory, selective, and/or vindictive treatment by the state…” But, Hanson says he’s dismissing the case because prosecutors filed the charges more than two months past the state’s required three-year statute of limitations.

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