Missouri Health Chief Pledges Crackdown On Abortion Law

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s only current abortion provider says it was unaware until recently that it was required under a 38-year-old law to report to the state any complications from the procedures.

The acknowledgement Thursday by the Reproductive Health Services arm of St. Louis’ Planned Parenthood came a day after Missouri’s health chief, Randall Williams, pledged stricter enforcement of the law.

Williams, in an emailed statement to media outlets, suggested that previous administrations have been lax in enforcing the 1979 law that mandates abortion-related complications be reported to the state within 45 days.

It was not immediately clear Thursday whether such requirements also relate to other medical procedures.

Williams’ criticisms comes amid an expected proliferation of abortion services across the state by Planned Parenthood affiliates, given a federal judge’s recent rulings allowing it.

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