Stepmother Of Slain Boy: ‘Pain Compliance Does Not Work’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Records show that the stepmother of a Kansas boy whose father killed him and fed his remains to the family’s pigs talked on a private Facebook group about restraining the child with handcuffs, ace bandages and splints.

A search warrant released Monday shows that 31-year-old Heather Jones also made a reference to having “no problems” with having the boy, Adrian Jones, “look at flowers.” The quote was a reference to the TV show “The Walking Dead” in which a woman fatally shoots a child after telling her to “look at the flowers.”

Jones also described Adrian as a “psychopath” and said “pain compliance does not work.”

Jones and the boy’s father, Michael Jones, have been sentenced to life in prison. Adrian Jones’ remains were found in November 2015, weeks after he died.

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