Branstad Veto Puzzles Groups Seeking Money For Repairs

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Some advocates for programs that help low-income people are expressing puzzlement over Gov. Terry Branstad’s decision to veto spending from an infrastructure fund.

When he used his line-item veto authority earlier this month to cut $1.8 million in spending approved by the Legislature, Branstad wrote that he would prefer state funds be spent on people, not buildings. But the proposed spending came from a fund that can only be used on building work.

Sen. Rick Bertrand, the Republican chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the infrastructure fund, says he doesn’t understand the veto, noting “This fund is not set up for individuals.”

When asked about the governor’s move, Branstad spokesman Ben Hammes offered a response that largely repeated the veto statement. Hammes declined to answer further questions.

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