Kansas Native Presses Bike Trek On Behalf Of Butterflies

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A Kansas native has hiked the length of the Continental Divide, canoed the Missouri River and biked from South America’s Andes through tropical forests and deserts into Texas.

32-year-old Sara Dykman now is trying to add another 10,000-mile bike trip to her list of adventures.

Dykman, formerly of Johnson County, is 2,200 miles into her trek meant to draw attention to the monarch butterflies, which each year make their own cross-country migrations.

Some 95 percent of the monarch population has been lost over the past two decades, largely because millions of acres of milkweed plants on which the caterpillars feed have been destroyed.

Dykman left Mexico in March, will be in Kansas City in coming days, and venture to Canada before biking back.

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