Missouri Governor To Pay Fee For Using Nonprofit Donor List

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens has agreed to pay a penalty to the state Ethics Commission for failing to report that his gubernatorial campaign got a donor list from a charity he founded.

Greitens’ campaign adviser Austin Chambers said Saturday that the violation was a “simple campaign finance matter — not a major ethics matter.”

The Ethics Commission imposed a $1,000 fee, most of which would be waived if Greitens pays $100 and commits no other violations in the next two years.

The Associated Press first reported in October that Greitens’ campaign accessed a donor list from the nonprofit Mission Continues and had raised about $2 million from people and entities on that list.

Greitens has filed an amended campaign finance report valuing the donor list as $600 in-kind contribution.

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