Wednesday’s High School Scoreboard

Boys Golf:

Maryville won their own invitational at Mozingo Wednesday with a score of 155.  Bryce Farlin finished 1st overall with a score of 78.

Boys Tennis: MEC Championship

Peter Kempf and Brady Archer were the #1 seed and got a bye the first round, then beat Gian and Caleb Lombardino of LeBlond 8-3, then Tage Young and Kyle Johnson of Savannah 8-0, Then they beat Max Anderson/Henington of Chillicothe 6-3, 6-0 for 1st place MEC doubles.

Mason Walk and Blake Schreck lost to David Curtis and Finn Funk of Cameron 5-8, then beat Josh Hegeman/Bayten Krumme of Savannah 8-3, then beat Josten Hailey/Wyatt Phillips of Benton 8-5, then lost to Sean Davis/Andy Burns of LeBlond 6-8.  They did not place.

Chance Hermelink beat Raven Handsaker of Savannah 8-1, beat Dalton Rosenbach of Chillicothe 8-2, lost to John Lierz of LeBlond 2-8 and lost to Miller Hadley of Lafayette 2-8 to win fourth place in MEC singles.

Corby Roush beat Noah Caldwell of Cameron 8-0, lost to Miller Hadley of Lafayette 8-9(4-7), beat Aidan Ervin of Savannah 8-1, beat Nick Malloy of Chillicothe 8-2 and beat Dalton Rosenbach of Chillicothe 8-1 to win the consolation side (fifth place singles) in MEC.

Girls Soccer:

Cameron 4, Savannah 2


Oak Grove 2, Savannah 0

Lathrop 11, N Andrew 1

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