Monday’s Maryville City Council Notes

–Approved an ordinance Annexing Real Estate located along S Hester Street owned by Randy and Susie Holtman.  The total amount of land is 20.87 acres.  With annexation the property becomes part of the Maryville City limits.  Estimated tax revenue could be up to $26,000 annually if 10 homes are built on the property.

–Approved an ordinance to purchase a pump for the Northwest Lift Station from Allied Systems, INC in an amount not to exceed $10,702.85.  The city has budgeted $12,000 for this purchase.  City Council also approved the purchase of a transfer switch for the lift station not to exceed $6,850.00.

–Approved an ordinance with White Cloud Engineering and Construction, INC for a sewer main extension to eliminate the Westridge Estates lift station in an amount not to exceed $8,800.00.

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