Iowa State ROTC Accuses Cadet Of Making Up Sex Assault Claim

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa State University’s military training program has expelled a promising cadet, accusing him of falsely claiming that he was sexually assaulted during an altercation that left him hospitalized.

ISU Navy ROTC commanding officer Capt. Scott Curtis alleges that the cadet and his backers concocted the sexual assault claim to win sympathy from military officials and paper over that he had been in a fight while drinking underage.

Curtis has adopted a panel’s recommendations to expel the student from the ROTC program and require him to pay back 2 ½ years of out-of-state tuition and stipends, which is expected to amount to about $100,000.

Supporters of the cadet, who is now 21, say the conspiracy claim is outrageous and that the sexual assault did occur, noting that a friend who was there corroborated his story in testimony. They’re calling on the Navy to reinstate him and investigate the program, which is dealing with an unrelated scandal involving members posting explicit photos of themselves on Facebook.

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