Children’s Hospital In Kansas City Gets More 3-D Printers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A children’s hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, has approved the $300,000 purchase of a third, deluxe 3-D printer to crank out more models faster.

Children’s Mercy Hospital radiologist Neil Mardis said at a presentation Thursday that he thinks 3-D printing will be a routine tool in medicine within five years.

The hospital’s journey in using the printers began two years ago when orthopedic surgeons told Mardis they wished they had a 3-D model of a patient’s hip rather than 2-D scans.

Mardis now oversees a lab with two 3-D printers with requests for models coming from a new surgeon almost every week.

He says when the hospital gets the new printer he will be able to print organs like hearts and livers.

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