Iowa To Become Latest State To Allow Guns In Its Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Gun owners will soon be able to keep firearms at their side while visiting the Iowa Capitol under a bill awaiting Gov. Terry Branstad’s signature.

The upcoming change has raised questions for security staff about how they would deal with armed visitors.

Branstad has announced he will sign the bill Thursday. The measure would enable about 275,000 residents with weapons permits to carry concealed handguns in the Capitol. People from other states who have weapon permits also could carry firearms in the building.

The legislation also includes a provision establishing “stand-your-ground” protections for gun owners and would allow people to sue local governments for establishing gun-free zones.

The Capitol provision will require building security to quickly resolve staffing and training issues before the law takes effect July 1. It mirrors similar legislation around the U.S.

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