Greitens’ Family Leave Changes Cause Missouri GOP Clash

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ decision to give paid family leave to executive branch employees isn’t sitting well with some Republican senators.

Republican Sen. Rob Schaaf on Thursday said the GOP governor’s executive order is unconstitutional. He says the governor needs legislative authority to pay for its estimated $1.1 million cost.

Greitens’ action last month drew praise from Women’s Foundation and others but upset some Republicans who say Greitens overstepped his authority.

The Republican-led Senate for weeks delayed confirming Greitens’ appointments to boards and commissions. Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard has said that’s because lawmakers wanted to meet with Greitens.

The day after a Wednesday meeting between the governor and Republicans, the appointees were approved.

Richard says there was relief after the meeting but said discussions with Greitens aren’t finished.

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