Maryville Voters Approve CIP Tax/Library Tax Levy/Elect Martin & Lipiec To City Council

Election results from Tuesday.  For City Council, Incumbant Rachael Martin was re-elected with just over 30% of the vote.  Benjamin Lipiec was also elected to a three year term with 30% of the vote.  Michael Baumli had 21% and Kevin C Hawkins finished with 19%.

Maryville voters approved to renew the ½ cent Capital Improvement Sales Tax for another 20 years, with nearly 70% voting yes.

And Maryville citizens said YES to the 12 cent Library Tax Levy increase question with 72% approving.

23% of the registered votes participated (1311 of 5730 – 22.88%).

Complete Nodaway County results here:

April 4, 2017 Unofficial results

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