Missouri House Budget Leader Proposes Full Aid For Schools

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s House budget leader is proposing fully funding state K-12 schools next fiscal year.

Republican Budget Committee Chairman Scott Fitzpatrick’s budget proposal released Wednesday includes roughly $45 million more than what GOP Gov. Eric Greitens had recommended in basic aid for schools. About $7.8 million of that relies on lottery proceeds.

Fitzpatrick’s plan also includes $36 million more than Greitens’ proposal for school transportation.

Fitzpatrick is recommending less money than Greitens for the Department of Social Services, which handles Medicaid. While Fitzpatrick’s plan would give the agency more next fiscal year than the current year, it calls for about $236 million less in state, federal and other funding than what Greitens recommended.

Next fiscal year’s budget still needs to pass the House and Senate before it can go to Greitens.

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