New Nonprofit Plans To Advocate For Greitens And His Agenda

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — A new nonprofit started by Gov. Eric Greitens’ campaign treasurer plans to advocate for the governor and his agenda, raising some concerns because it can accept unlimited contributions and won’t be required to disclose who is making contributions.

Jeff Stuerman, Greitens’ campaign treasurer, founded the nonprofit, called A New Missouri Inc.

Greitens’ campaigned on ethics reform and ridding government of special-interests and corrupt career politicians. But he has refused to disclose who contributed millions to his campaign or who is paying for his travel around the state. He disclosed “benefactors” for his inauguration but not how much they contributed.

State Rep. Gina Mitten, a St. Louis Democrat, says Greitens’ ethics promises are hollow if he continues to “conduct business in the shadows.”

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