Hundreds More Firefighters Affected By Iowa Testing Scandal

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — The testing scandal at Iowa’s fire academy is getting a lot bigger.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday that 739 more firefighters were improperly issued nationally-recognized certifications despite failing their written exams.

In January, the department said that 1,706 firefighters and emergency personnel were issued 2,300 improper certifications over a four-year period. An internal review found that they did not have the scores they needed to pass.

The department says the new firefighters were identified after it found additional information in a State Fire Marshal database.

John McPhee, former certification and accreditation coordinator for the Fire Services Training Bureau, is accused of failing to grade tests and simply giving them random scores. He’s pleaded not guilty to misconduct in public office and tampering with records.

The department is offering free retesting.


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