Elections Officials Worry About Money Amid Voter ID Debate

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — As Iowa lawmakers debate a voter identification bill, county auditors are questioning whether the plan would have adequate funding.

The House was moving to vote on Secretary of State Paul Pate’s bill Wednesday amid criticism by Democrats that the proposal would suppress voting.

Pate and Republican backers say they want to prevent fraudulent voting and enhance elections technology.

For county auditors, another concern is whether there’s adequate funding for the plan.

The bill now has no funding attached to it. The non-partisan Legislative Services Agency, using details provided by Pate’s office, estimates the measure has a one-time fiscal impact of roughly $200,000, including $85,000 for state-issued IDs to people without Iowa driver’s licenses and $50,000 for education and outreach.

Supporters are seeking a revolving loan fund of at least $550,000 for elections software.


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