Former Conservation Chief Still Paid Months After Departure

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Payroll records show that Missouri’s former conservation chief is still getting paychecks even though he left the job more than seven months ago.

Records show that Robert Ziehmer already has received more than $87,000 from the state for doing no work.

He gets an additional $5,800 every two weeks as payouts that the newspaper says were not disclosed when he departed last July after nearly three decades at the department.

Ziehmer was paid $140,000 a year to oversee a staff of 1,450 full-time and 500 hourly employees.

The newspaper says documents show that the payouts to Ziehmer are the result of a separation-and-release agreement between Ziehmer and the Missouri Conservation Commission, which oversees the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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