Missouri Senate Votes Down Lawmaker, Officials’ Pay Raises

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri senators have taken the final step to deny pay raises for themselves and other elected officials.

Senators voted 25-2 against the raises late Monday. They had until Wednesday to act.

The vote came after Republican Gov. Eric Greitens put pressure on lawmakers to oppose the raise, which prompted a prickly response from some senators.

Republican Sen. Paul Wieland described Greitens’ tactic as intimidation and said he felt insulted.

Seven senators recused themselves, although one later voted. They argued voting on their own pay raises is a conflict of interest. Others criticized the move as an effort to support raises without voting.

In Missouri, a citizen panel recommends how much lawmakers and statewide elected officials are paid. The raises can be blocked if two-thirds of the Legislature votes against them.

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