GOP Lawmakers Propose Spending $40M More On K-12 Education

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican lawmakers have proposed legislation that would add about $40 million to Iowa’s K-12 education spending. Democrats say that amount is inadequate.

The GOP plan proposes increasing the amount spent per student in Iowa by about 1.1 percent for the budget year that goes into effect in July. The state spends roughly $3 billion from its general fund on K-12 education.

Republicans say their funding proposal is all the state can afford amid budget constraints. Democrats questioned the amount and the timing of some legislative activity linked to the spending plan. Lawmakers were scheduled to approve a series of procedural moves Monday evening. Formal floor votes could happen as early as this week.

The GOP plan would come in below Gov. Terry Branstad’s funding recommendation of a 2 percent increase.

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