Ban On Right-To-Work Laws In Missouri Faces Court Challenges

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Supporters of a right-to-work measure to ban mandatory union dues in Missouri are challenging ballot proposals that would undermine that policy.

The National Right to Work Foundation announced Monday it’s helping three workers sue against ballot initiatives that would ask voters to amend the constitution to ensure union negotiating rights.

The lawsuits come as the Republican-led Legislature is moving quickly to send a right-to-work bill to Republican Gov. Eric Greitens. The new governor supports right to work.

Missouri AFL-CIO President Mike Louis in anticipation of such a bill passing filed several versions of ballot proposals to reverse those policies.

Opponents argue in the lawsuits that ballot summaries written under former Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander are too vague and misleading. Summaries are meant to help voters understand ballot initiatives.

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